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Robert Maltbie
Robert Maltbie Jr., money manager and CEO of Stockjock.com, has joined forces with Sabrient Systems, a leading quant investment research firm.

Robert will continue to do what he's an expert at: picking stocks and talking about them on Fox and CNBC and writing about them in Forbes, MarketWatch, USA Today and other major financial media. But now he'll have at his fingertips all of Sabrient's powerful research strategies to help him to find the best (and worst) stocks in various market niches.

He'll be adding three new weekly articles to his beat, using Sabrient's strategies to select the stocks, as well as special reports:
Paired Trades will feature two stocks in a single sector, one as a long position, the other as a short.

Sector Picks will feature two big name stocks in a top sector.

Trading with Insiders will feature a stock with high insider buying.
Look for them here -- and look for the Baker's Dozen Top Stocks for 2010 which will be published the first week in January.